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Loading system for dust-free loading into road tankers, open vehicles, railway wagons or containers with or without integrated cartridge filter (jet-pulse)


The loading system INFA-POWTRON BKF loads loose, powdery or grainy bulk material fast and dust-free into road tankers, open vehicles, railway wagons or containers. A special feature of the INFA-POWTRON - series is the integrated filter system for cleaning of dust-laden air of the filling process. This system saves costs, because exhaust air ducts to further filters or other periphery aren‘t necessary and the separated dust is returned directly to the product flow again. The BKF is extremely robust and also runs under extreme conditions (e.g. outside temperatures down to -40 °C) failure-free.

The INFA-POWTRON is individually adapted to every application. Besides, various parameters are considered: the conveyed product, the specified loading capacity, the loading height as well as special customer demands.

For loading of potentially explosive products specially secured electric equipment (cable winch, sensors, switches, controls etc.), which is approved for the defined ATEX zones, is used as well as electrically conductive bellow material and a complete grounding of the system.

Standard design features

  • Loading system made of mild steel for dust, powder, grain and granulate, with exhaust fan and concentrically arranged filter cartridges including pneumatic cleaning unit 
  • Loading capacity up to 400 t/h, depending on the product
  • Exhaust performance of the fan up to 1,500 m³/h 
  • Electric cable winch with gear motor and limit switch in two-rope design
  • Slack rope switches for indicating the touchdown of the filling cone on the filling connection of the customer
  • Product supply via a long infeed tube for a stable flow
  • Height-flexible loading section with inner loading bellow or wear resistant conical sections for the product. Additional outer bellow for suction of dust-laden exhaust air and conduct to the filter cartridges in the BKF top
  • Rigid lower part with guiding ring, spacer pipe for guiding the product, filling cone with rubber gasket, closing cone and level switch 
  • Easy change of filter cartridges by lowering the upper part of the loading bellow
  • Loading performance up to 400 t/h



  • Electronic control system (PLC) with manual switch control bulb for operating/signal processing of pneumatic cleaning, cable winch, fan, level indicator, vibration motor and on-site shut-off / conveyor units
  • All housing parts and internal parts or components in contact with the product made of stainless steel
  • Flexible loading bellow made of neoprene, antistatically equipped PVC or robust aramid
  • Filter unit with fan in a separate housing attached at the side to save installation height
  • Explosion protected design according to directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • Control system and motors for special voltages, e.g. 500 V
  • Extended temperature range from -40°C to +120°C
  • Filter media available in different qualities (e.g suitable for food according to regulation EU 1935/2005 and EU 10/2011)
  • Various accessories, e.g.
    • vibration motor at the filling cone
    • slide valve (manually, motorized, pneumatically actuated)
    • rotary paddle level switch




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