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Steel, iron, NF metals

Dust-raising processes in metal machining are diverse. Wherever metals are ground, polished, milled or brushed, emissions in the form of dusts, fume, soot, vapours and gases occur. Here, it is necessary to take precautions. 

Infastaub has been providing dedusting systems for metalworking companies for decades. Our products range from small filters for single applications to large-scale systems for central dedusting.

BKF loading system in a foundry

Waste foundry sand is conveyed from a silo via a screw conveyor to the INFA-POWTRON loading system and from there filled into a closed silo truck. The INFA-POWTRON loading system enables this process to be dustfree by sucking the dust containing air out of the truck through the double-walled loading bellow. The dust is then separated at the filter elements of the BKF. The filter elements are continuously cleaned from the accumulated dust in order to keep an optimum suction performance of the fan. 


Techncal data
Filter typeLoading system BKF 10 P-S
Fan speed[m³/h]825
Filter area[m²]10
FiltermaterialPolyester fleece
Filling level indicatorRotary wing
Slack rope switch2 pieces, automatic lowering of the cone during loading
Loading capacity[tons/h]max. 400


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