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At the beginning of the company's history are three people with a great idea and a great portion of courage. In 1968 the team of founders came out with the company "Alphastaub", today known as "Infastaub". Since foundation 50 years ago Infastaub is substantially grown, de-dusting of industrial processes is still in focus of the business activity.

Fig.: The history starts with the vent filter ALPHA-MAT, today INFA-MAT

  • 1968: Incorporation of the Company Alphastaub based in Düsseldorf, start of the product driver Alpha-Mat (AM) and Alpha-Jet (AJ)
  • 1968: Bad Homburg becomes head office of the company
  • 1970: One of the founders dies in a car accident
  • 1970: Intensiv-Filter, one of the leading manufacturers of de-dusting plants, becomes main shareholder
  • 1973: Change of the company name into "Infastaub GmbH Ges. für Staubtechnik"
  • 1976: Product launch of the round filter INFA-MINI-JET (AJM)
  • 1980: Delivery of the first cassette filter INFA-MICRON (MKR) for the pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear and heavy metal industry
  • 1990: Product launch of the cartridge filter INFA-JETRON (AJP)
  • 1991: Expansion of the site Bad Homburg and enlargement of the production and office area
  • 1992: Infastaub celebrates ist 25th anniversary
  • 1992: Silo filter INFA-JETRON (AJB) with pneumatic cleaning and round filter INFA-VARIO-JET (AJV) are sold for the first time
  • 1994: First DIN ISO certification
  • 1998: Product launch of the silo pocket filter INFA-MAT (AM 204)
  • 1998: The fiirst pleated element filter INFA-LAMELLEN-JET (AJL) is delivered 
  • 1999: Change of construction based on 3D CAD
  • 2004: Entry into the Russian market 
  • 2007: Infastaub celebrates ist 40th anniversary 
  • 2007: Joachim Thiele leaves the company after 40 years, Berthold Geppert takes over the  executive board 
  • 2008: Growth results in Leasing of a further production plant for the welding fabrication
  • 2008: Product launch of the cartridge filter INFA-MICRON (MPR) for Separation of finest dusts and particulate matters 
  • 2010: Introduction of the new Claim „Breathe the Difference: Pure Air“ 
  • 2010: Product Launch of the rectangular silo vent filter INFA-JETRON (AJP)
  • 2012: Infastaub goes YouTube und publishs ist first film about Explosion tests on social media
  • 2012: Pressure shock resistance of the cartridge filter INFA-MICRON (MPR) for hybride mixtures is proven
  • 2015: Relocation of plant 2 to Oberursel

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