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Depth filter

Depth filters are economically suitable for low mass concentrations up to an average concentraion of 5 mg/m³ (5 mg/m³ = 120 g/day per 1,000 m³/h). Due to the dust fineness and low dust mass, the dust-laden filters are not cleaned and must be replaced. Depth filters are primarily used in ventilation and air conditioning and in process air technology.

Another often usage are safety filter stages (2. filter stage) for improvement of residual dust contents or for protection in case of a filter breakthrough of the upstream filter stage.

Depth filter
Typical parameter:Residual dust concentration0.001 - 5 mg/m³
Particle size distributionmostly > 0.1 - 100 µm
Temperature-40 - +400 °C
Separation efficiency40 % - 99.999995 %
Filter mediaGlas, PES, PP, paper like, wet laid fleece, composite products
Typical characteristicsSurface weight50 - 600 g/m²
Steady differential pressure20 - 500 Pa
GeometryFilter mat, filter cell, compact filter, panel filter, cartridge filter, pocket filter

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