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Filtering installations are indispensable for the manufacturing and processing of plastic. Dust emissions - for example, mechanical or pneumatic transport steps, dosage, mixture, weighing and filling – are nowadays de-dusted with decentralised filters that are fitted individually on the process. Because of high demands for the reliability of filter systems as well as to an easy service and maintenance work, well-known companies of this branch focus on filtering installations of Infastaub.

Safety filter in a plant for plastics-processing

In a plastics-processing plant with several dedusting filters for each workstation, the exhaust air from the individual filters is led via a shared police filter. For this reason the residual dust content of the individual filters is reduced even more. In case of malfunction the police filter serves as security filter stage and avoids dust emission into the environment.

The cartridge filter type INFA-JETRON AJP is a complete unit with filter chamber, filter elements, pneumatical cleaning system, control unit and fan. The lower part consists of dust collecting hopper, damper and dust bin.


Technical data
Filter typeCartridge filter INFA-JETRON AJP
Dust kindTalc, stabilizers etc.
Volumen flow[m³/h]2,750
Dust particle size[µm]< 10
Filter area[m²]64
Filter materialPolyester fleece, antistatic


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