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Dedusting of a silo filling and ship unloading under outstanding circumstances

In Bahrain dominate desert conditions, temperatures far more than 40 °C are usual in the summer months. In addition exist strains of salty air and high humidity, which averages at 75 %. Machines and plants must be customized to these conditions, for example with a high quality and durable paint coating. A sun screen is also necessary depending on the location.

Two Infastaub filter units have been arranged for these special circumstances. Dedusting of the ship unloading and pneumatic silo filling at the harbour terminal of Manama, Bahrain, is carried out with two pocket filters type Infa-Jet AJN. The filter surface area of altogether 240 m² allows a flow capacity of 18,000 m³/h at a dust load of 5-20 g/m³.


Technical data
Filter type 2 pocket filters type Infa-Jet AJN
Volume flow[m³/h]2 x 9,000
Raw gas dust content[g/m³]5 - 20
Clean gas dust content[mg/m³]20
Filter area[m²]2 x 120



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