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Stones, soils, minerals

The dust amounts arising in this industry are significant. Consequently, practice-oriented dedusting systems are of great importance. Using filter systems from Infastaub dust emissions can be reduced by more than 99%. We analyse your emission values and offer you the best and most cost-efficient filter solution.

Dedusting of silos

A vent filter type INFA-JETRON AJP 224-P is used for dedusting the exhaust air of pneumatically filled silos. The filteunit is pneumatically cleaned and therefore suitable for a continuous conveying process.

The vent filter is designed for a volume flow of 55 m³/min during final surge respectively 10-12 m³/min during conveying at a raw gas dust load of 5-10 g/m³. The filter cartridges have a total filter area of 22 m². Change of filtercartridges to the clean gas side is easy and toolfree because of quick clamping devices. Internal design of the filter unit (filter cartridges and pneumatic cleaning) is identical with the silo filter Infa-Jetron AJB.

Technical data
Filter typeCartridge filter AJP 224-P
Volumen flow[m³/min]55 (during final surge), 10-12 (during conveying)
Filter area[m²]22
Residual dust content[mg/m³]< 20

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