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Chemistry, pharmaceutical industry

Due to various production lines and processing a variety of additives in many cases the chemical industry demands complex knowledge and experience when it comes to planning and manufacturing of filter systems. In the field of process technology filter systems are used for different processes such as drying, pneumatic conveying, crushing and pulverising, granulating, sifting and sieving, weighing and tabletting.

Infastaub provides appropriate dedusting solutions for dust separation in different production processes.

Cartridge filter for coater of tablet production

A cartridge filter type MPR 3/20-3/20 with two filter stages is used for dedusting of a coating machine. The filter unit is designed for a volume flow of 4,000 m³/h at a raw gas dust load of max. 5 g/m³. The filter media have a filter area of 60 m² per filter stage and are made of an antistatic polyester fleece respectively a microfibre fleece (class H14) for the second filter stage. Because of process technology reasons the filter media are cleaned after the coating process. Change of filter media is carried out with the safe-change system (bag-in-bag-out) via a change collar, the dust discharge via a dustproof closable endless liner system which ends in special bins of the customer.  

Possible dust explosions are excluded by inertisation with nitrogen during the process. This in turn demands high standards on the tightness of the filter unit. With a residual dust content of 0.001 mg/m³ and the safe-change system, the filter unit contributes to the process quality of film coating and reliably ensures the surrounding working area from contamination.


Technical data
Filter typeCartridge filter MPR, two-stage
Filter area[m²]60 per filter stage
Filter materialAntistatic polyester fleece resp. microfibre (class H14)
Clean gas dust content[mg/m³]0.001
Filter changeSafe-Change, horizontal



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