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Food products

Wherever grain, flour, sugar, spices, cereals and other bulk materials are produced, generated from processes or stored in silos there is the need of dust removing. Above all, this means that dedusting is used for the recovery and cleaning of products. Collecting the dust/air mixture as close as possible on the source on machines or components prevents dust deposits most effectively. When raised, even a thin layer of dust of one milimeter can create an inflammable dust cloud.

Infastaub offers innovative dedusting technology for both small companies and industrial plants. Our dedusting solutions strongly increase safety, efficiency and quality standards during production.

Dedusting of hypoallergenic baby food

The dedusting of conveying systems in a production process for hypoallergenic baby food is carried out with pocket filters type INFA-JET AJN 204. Taking into account the products to be de-dusted all parts of the filter in contact with the product and in contact with the conveying air were made in stainless steel. Because of the high hygienic specification even the filter pocket support frames in stainless steel are also made in a special design. The filter media are manufactured in food safe needle felt with laminated PTFE-diaphragm. In view of the so-called hygienic design of „easy cleanable“ plants the filters have no sharp edges or hollow profiles and the filter housings are glass bead blasted at the outside.

Besides the sterile construction also the Atex regulations for explosion protection had to be considered for the filter design. For some filters a pressure shock resistance of 1.0 bar g was demanded. The pocket filters are designed for a volume flow of 25 m³/min each, with an air-to-cloth ratio of 1.25 m³/m²*min. Cleaning of the filter pockets is started by the fully automatic control by differential pressure.

Technical data
Filter typePocket filter INFA-JET AJN 204 in „Hygienic Design“
Volume flow[m³/h]1,500
Air-to-cloth ratio[m³/m²*min]1.25
Filter materialPolyester needle felt with laminated PTFE diaphragm
Filter area[m²]20

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