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Processing highly effective substances can be dangerous. A simple solution in order to secure operating personnel could be full-body protective suits....

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Hot, hotter, summer 2019. This year‘s extreme summer was record-breaking. What was more appropriate than cooling down with cold ice-cream or enjoying...

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In the games room of the „Landgräflichen Stiftung“, 30 kids and teenagers together with their carers are excited about a new table football worth...

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3D-CAD systems are the base for computer generated imagery (CGI) - photorealistic pictures of products, that are generated by a special software. CGI...

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The anatomy of humans is focused on movement and not on office work lasting for hours. Infastaub has designed all office workplaces health-promoting...

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Some of our colleagues are passionate fans of Eintracht Frankfurt. Because of good contacts to people at the Eintracht Frankfurt club, two shirts were...

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The farewell of a retiring long-term colleagues is a nice but also melancholic event for a company.

Anton Milly was engaged at Infastaub for 45...

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Classifications of supplier evaluations are a barometer for a tight and longtime cooperation of client and supplier. Infastaub received from Glatt AG...

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