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Shaking filter with mechanical cleaning

Shaking filter with mechanical cleaning for dedusting of exhaust air


The pocket filter INFA-MAT AM is a sturdy and easily mechanical cleanable filter unit. Because of the compact design the installation is also possible in case of constricted space. The proven shaking system ensures an effective cleaning of the filter cloth at low investment and maintenance costs.

The modular variety of the INFA-MAT pocket filter series allows an optimum adaption of the filter units to specific needs. Several types are possible for different dedusting tasks:

  • Vent filters with/without fan for dedusting of conveyor equipment or silos
  • Dedusting unit with hopper and dust bin. Also available with integrated fan. Design possible as one chamber filter or multi chamber filter
  • Bag emptying filter consisting of sack discharge, filter unit and integrated suction fan
  • Optional secondary filter stage for residual dust contents less than 1 mg/m³
  • Filter surface from 6 - 180 m² for volume flows up to approx. 16,000 m³/h

Operating mode:

INFA-MAT pocket filters are mechanically cleaned by a shaking system after completing the dedusting process. Fans of the filter units have to be switched off during cleaning. Cleaning period is normally 30 seconds.

The filter cloth with its combined pockets is easily accessible via a big front door. It is kept in a sliding frame, so that change of filter media is quickly and easily practicable. 

Standard design features

  • Pocket filter with mechanical cleaning for discontinuous operating
  • Basic module consisting of filter unit with motor-driven cleaning device
  • Housing strength up to +/- 35 mbar g, up to 60 °C
  • No compressed air necessary
  • Change of filter cloth without tools


  • Modular supplements and accessories, e.g.
    • lower section with hopper and dust bin
    • level indicator within the dust bin
    • butterfly valve
    • integrated fan
    • sack discharge unit
    • inspection cover
    • secondary filter stage
  • All housing parts and internal parts or components in contact with the product made of stainless steel
  • Explosion protected design according to directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • Control unit for filter cleaning and additional components (e.g. fan)
  • Control unit and motors for special voltages, e.g. 500 V
  • Design for hot gases up to 120 °C
  • Filter media available in different qualities

Filter typeFilter surface [m²]fandimension sheet
AM xx16 / 13 / 23 / 30x1010
AM xx1 S13 / 23 / 30 / 45x1020
AM xx1 D13 / 23 / 30 / 45x1030
AM xx26 / 13 / 23 / 30x1011
AM xx36 / 13 / 23 / 30 / 451012
AM xx3 K30 / 90 / 120 / 1801040
AM xx46 / 13 / 23 / 30 / 451013
AM xx513 / 23x1015
AM 204201016

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