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Flue gas contributes to air pollution and can locally be a risk to health. For that reason, particle separation is an essential part of energy production. Particularly important is the collection of flue ash in fuel-fired power plants as well as the dust extraction during delivery, storage and metering of additives for flue gas cleaning. In some cases dust must be extracted under extreme conditions.

From silo to combustion - we also provide suitable solutions for the dust extraction of conveying systems for brown and hard coal.

Infastaub supplies a wide range of filter sizes, designs and constructive solutions for this field of business.

Silo filter in a waste incineration plant

Additives like calcium hydroxide and activated carbon are used for cleaning the flue gas of a waste incineration plant. A group of silos, in which these products are blown into by silo trucks, are equipped with INFA–JETRON silo filters in order to dedust the conveying air. Cleaning of the filter elements is pneumatically carried out by short pressure shocks of compressed air.


Technical data
Filter typeSilo filter AJB 800-980-22 P
Volume flow[m³/min]15 to max. 45
Filter area[m²]22.5
Filter materialPolyester fleece



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