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Cassette filter for dedusting of sophisticated processes where toxic dusts or powders, e.g. API (active pharmaceutical ingredient)


The cassette filter system INFA-MICRON MKR is available as cleanable dust collector with one or two filter stages as well as non-cleanable, downstream safety filter. The filter sizes cover air volume ranges of > 500 m³/h.

Big volume flows can be cleaned by parallel arrangement of several units. The 2-stage design guarantees residual dust contents as low as 0.001 mg/m³. Filter cassettes of class H13 are used as filter media for the cleanable 1st stage and H13 to U15 for the non-cleanable 2nd stage.

Standard design features

  • Cleanable cassette filter in modular design for flexible adaptions to individual requirements with one or two filter stages
  • Change of filter cassettes on the clean gas side
  • Filter housing made of mild steel S235JR with hopper and dust discharge system respectively dust collection equipment
  • Pneumatic cleaning device with movable nozzle arm (backflush system) for cassettes of the 1st filter stage
  • Standard +/- 50 mbar and up to 80 °C, optional 250 mbar and 150 °C
  • SPS control unit for filter cleaning triggered by time cycle or differential pressure incl. control of nozzle arm and shut-off valve, surveillance of single operating conditions by proximity switches and indication by plain-text display
  • Use of particulate filter cassettes of filter class H13, tested according to DIN EN 1822
  • 2nd filter stage (not cleanable) of filter class E10 or higher as safety filter respectively "back up filter", according to DIN EN 1822
  • Filter cassettes in compact design with MDF-frame allow easy handling and thermal waste treatment (hazardous-waste incineration)
  • Leak-proof test device for every filter cassette
  • Minimum shutdown time as well as low operating and maintenance costs because of high reliability and easy handling
  • Cleanable filters with pneumatical clamping device respecitively manual clamping device for non-cleanable filters
  • Inspection window after the first filter stage for function check of the filter
  • Gas tight by welded and strengthened filter housing for pressures (as standard the non-cleanable series is screwed)


  • "Safe-Change" system for change of dust collecting bin and filter cassettes free of contamination up to OEB 4
  • Dust discharge by liner bag or endless bag system
  • Dust discharge by pneumatic conveying into central barrel with "Safe-Change" system
  • Adaptability for customized dust collecting barrel
  • Explosion protected design according to directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • Pressure-shock resistant design for reduced explosion pressure up to 1.0 barg without additional, expensive relieve device for dusts of explosion class St3 gases up to group IIB and hybrid mixtures
  • Separated single chamber isolation 
  • Housing and internal parts made of stainless steel
  • Filter cassette frame made of mild steel or stainless steel
  • Filter cassettes in different qualities and grades up to U15 according to DIN EN 1822
  • Filter control as PLC with any special function and interface to master process control system
  • Electric heating of filter housing including thermal insulation
  • Control system and motors for special voltages, e.g. 500 V
  • Connections for DOP / DEHS tests of 1st and 2nd filter stage
  • Design „Through the wall“ for fitting into cleanroom walls
  • Filter housing for chemical and pharmaceutical application (all weld seams back-welded or welded through in gap-free design)
  • Various accessories, e.g. 
    • Shut-off valve and dust collecting bin at dust dis-charge 
    • Level indicator within the dust bin
    • Fan
    • Contact sensors for locking of dust collecting bin, inspection cover and shut-off valve's blade position
    • Lift cart for safe change of dust bin
    • Mobile service bracket for changing filter cassettes 


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